MSC Flying Fees and Membership Dues - 2003

Become a member for the day and experience the club as an insider.

Daily flight promotional package

  Daily membership:     $11.00  
  Glider rental and tow:     $59.00;  
  Cost of 1st flight of day     $70.00   Gst included
  Subsequent flights on that day     $59.00   by the same introductory day member

The minimum age for non-member passengers in gliders is 12 years of age.

- Daily members get to enjoy all club facilities including use of our heated swimming pool.
- Depending on conditions pilot will release at an altitude between 2000 and 3000 ft.
- Flights generally last anywhere from 15 to a maximum of 30 minutes depending on conditions.
- Offered on weekends on a first come first served basis.  Just show up, carefully drive out to the flight line trailer, introduce yourself and purchase a daily membership along with an introductory flight.   The next available priority number will be assigned to you.   The earlier you arrive, the lower your number will be and the sooner you will be able to experience the thrill of motorless flight.   On busy days, interested parties arriving after 12:00 PM may be required to wait several hours for an aircraft to be available.   Intro flights are usually also available during weekdays, but cannot be guaranteed.   If you're in the neighbourhood and see us in operation, then please drop-in and inquire.
- Advance accommodations are required for groups of 10 or more and a discount of $5.00 per person will apply.

If one or two flights aren't enough for you to settle on a new sport!

5 flight promotional package:

  Membership (5 x daily)     $55.00  
  Glider Rental     $113.90  
  5 x 3000 ft. tows     $131.10  
  Total cost     $300.00   GST included

This non-renewable, once per person offer, provides 5 training flights with an SAC rated instructor.

If any of these promotional packages leads to full membership, in the same fiscal year, a percentage rebate on price of the full membership is available.
For further information, Please e-mail   Jean Lortie  or phone: (450) 623-4134.

Available (Full) Membership Packages:

In an effort to promote our sport, MSC offers several differently priced "full" membership packages. 

Flying gliders at MSC involves 4 separate types of charges:

  1. An annual MSC Membership fee to belong to the club.
  2. An annual Soaring Association of Canada (SAC) Membership fee.
  3. Glider rental fees. (Flat rate plans are available-mandatory for pilots "in-training").
  4. Tow fees to cover the cost of operating our fleet of L-19 Bird Dog tugs.

Full Membership - The standard rate applicable to established members of the gliding community. This rate is based on sharing the costs of all expenses associated with operating the club.

Reduced Membership- to support family flying and young pilots with limited funds, our "reduced rate" category is applicable to air cadets, students enrolled in a recognized educational facility who are aged 25 or less, as well as spouses and dependants of "full" members.

Ab-Initio Membership - This first time, one time only, rate is designed to encourage adults over 25, and with no prior gliding experience, to try out our sport.

Guest Membership - for pilots living more than 300 km from Hawksbury but wishing to fly while in the neighorhood

Associate Member, plus SAC Membership

Associate Member

Daily Membership

You may view our complete 2003 fee schedule online, or download the zipped file for full details.

Updated - April 27, 2003

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