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1. Please send an email to Marc Gohier  for additions and/or corrections to the list.

2. To be informed about current MSC events please join our e-mail group. Follow instructions at the bottom of this page.

Email addresses:

Member email address have now been compiled into two separate adobe acrobat .pdf documents.  To read these documents requires that the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software be installed on your computer.  To obtain and install the free acrobat reader, please visit http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

"flymsc" YahooGroup:

1 - How to subscribe to our group:

Current and former MSC Members who are not already subscribed may join our egroup by providing their email address in the box below and clicking on the "join group" button.  Upon approval of your application by the group moderator, you will have access to the group and will automatically receive mid-week flying notices and other club communication.  To visit the flymsc YahooGroup archive, please follow this link or click on the flymsc archive link in the box below.  To find out more about YahooGroups, please follow this link or click on the link in the box below.

2 - How to send a message to members of the flymsc YahooGroup:

Simply address your email to: flymsc@yahoogroups.com.  Please note that our group has been setup as a closed group and this means that only members of the group may send messages to the group.

Former and current members are invited to subscribe to our group.  All applications require approval by the group moderator.
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Updated - April 27, 2003

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