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Please find below up-to-date information for use by club members.

MSC Redbook - the MSC flying rules.  Revised in 2002 by the MSC instructors panel.  Many thanks to Bill Roach for his revision and reformatting efforts.    View online MSC Red Book (2002 version)   download the zipped file
MSC Mini-Redbook - the MSC flying rules.  Revised in 2003.    View online MSC (2003) Mini-Red Book   download the zipped file
Tow Pilot Standard and Emergency Operating Procedures (SOP) - This handy reference manual has been newly revised and updated for the year 2003.     View online Tow Pilot SOP 2002   download the zipped 2002 file
  Revised 2003 Tow Pilot Procedures
Membership Application/Renewal Form - Complete and print this form, attach your cheque and mail it to Marga (the club's treasurer) or bring it to the club with you.  All members are expected to provide all of the information requested.    View online Membership Form   download the zipped file
Procedure changes and reminders by the MSC Instructor Panel - this link provides club members with notices of procedure changes and reminders.  It should be visited on a regular basis by all members.   MSC Notices
Instructor and Tow Pilot Roster - Revised for 2003, this handy printable quick reference serves to remind our Instructors and Tow pilots when they are on duty. (Size - 97KB)   View online 2003 Roster     download the zipped file
Flight Line Manager Roster - In case you forget when you're on Manager duty, here is a handy, printable, quick reference to serve as a reminder  (Size - 20KB)   2003 Flight Line Manager English Version   :French Version
Club Fleet Performance Specifications - This quick reference page provides the base numbers for all MSC club gliders that every member should know.   MSC Glider Specs
Study Guide for the Radiotelephone Operator's Restricted Certificate (Aeronautical)   Radio/telephone Study Guide
Guide for Examiners Conducting Examinations for the Radiotelephone Operator's Restricted Certificate (Aeronautical)   Radio/telephone Examiners Guide
Aircraft Incident or Accident Report This Form is available as page 1 and Page 2 in PDF format. You may be able to complete the form on your computer and forward by e-mail to the necessary people. Note: This write feature may not work. You may be able to fill and print but not save and send. In this case use snail mail. It depends on the version of Acrobat Reader that you are using.    View online Aircraft Incident or Accident Report   download the zipped file

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Updated - May 26 2003

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